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In the last two decades, India has become the preferred destination for people seeking quality treatments for neurosurgery and spinal disorder treatments.

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In the last two decades, India has become the preferred destination for people seeking quality treatments for neurosurgery and spinal disorder treatments. Apart from the excellence and professionalism of Indian surgeons in this niche, the deployment of technology to handle spinal surgery cases has gone up in India. In recent times, the popularity of Robotic spine surgery in India has gone up in particular. With time, the cost of robotic spine surgery is also coming down.

What is Robotic Spine Surgery ?

During the Robotic spine surgery procedure, the surgeon makes use of a sophisticated and high end robot with arms equipped with the required apparatus to perform the operation. The robot carries out the instructions put in by the surgeon with absolute accuracy. This surgery makes traditional manual spinal surgery look rather obsolete.

Based on the system setup and need of the spinal surgery, the robot may or may not be attached to the bed of the patient. The robot is usually fitted with tiny high resolution sensors so that the surgeon can get a close view of the patient’s body parts including the spine.

Clinical Applications

The robot assisted system is used for acan be used for a variety of clinical procedures including :

  • Open, MIS [Minimally invasive], and percutaneous posterior thoracolumbar approaches

  • Scoliosis and other complex spinal deformities

  • Pedicle screws - short and long fusions

  • Transfacet screws and translaminar-facet screws

  • Osteotomies

  • Biopsies

  • Single Vessel / Multi vessel Small Thoracotomy

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Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery

Opting for robot assisted spine surgery over traditional surgical methods is advantageous. The major advantages are :

  • Robot assisted spine surgeries are more accurate than what is possible with manual surgery-even when a very skilled spinal surgeon is compared. Robot arm makes it possible to make accurately measured moves which may not always be possible for humans. This makes a surgery more precise.

  • In robotic spinal surgery smaller incisions need to be made which ensures less blood loss.

  • It also minimizes deployment of radiation-which is beneficial for the patients and also the surgeon.

  • The risk of surgery going wrong is almost nonexistent as the surgeon has full control over operations of the robot.

  • It can be used to treat various spinal conditions, including complex ones like spine tumors and degenerative spinal conditions.

  • Accurate operations ensure reduced pain and quicker recuperation.

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Benefits surgeons can obtain in Robotic Spine Surgery

The benefits of robot assisted spine surgery are not really limited to the patients. The surgeons can also get the following benefits by opting for the method :

  • Enhanced 3D visualization of the patient’s body at all times.

  • Better access to all parts of the spine and body.

  • Greater precision while carrying out complex spinal operations.

Preparations to take before undergoing Robotic Spine Surgery

A few preparations should be taken before you can undergo robotic spine surgery for safety and better results. These are:

  • No fluid or food can be consumed 9 hours prior to surgery.

  • Using aspirin and blood thinning drugs is not recommended before a few days of surgery.

Post surgery tips

While the recuperation period after a robotic spine surgery tends to be shorter, practicing certain precautions can help.

  • Lifting heavy objects after a period post the surgery is not advisable.

  • The surgeon may advise rest for a period before returning to a regular schedule.

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