Slipped Disc Treatment

Known as a herniated, ruptured or prolapsed disc, slipped disc is a medical condition that affects the spine.

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Known as a herniated, ruptured or prolapsed disc, slipped disc is a medical condition that affects the spine. In this condition, a tear in the fibrous outer ring of an intervertebral disc causes the soft, central part to bulge beyond the damaged outer ring. It is a relatively common condition that can affect any part of the spine, but most commonly affects the neck or lower back region. A slipped disc develops when one of the cushion-like pads located between the vertebrae moves out of position and puts pressure on the adjacent nerves.

Typically, herniated discs result from injuries caused by overuse or trauma to the spine. However, the normal aging process can also contribute to the development of disc conditions. A genetic factor is also known to contribute to disc degeneration and herniated disc development. In most cases, it takes about six months for a herniated disc affecting the lower back to heal, as the herniation size shrinks with time though the process of resorption. If medication, physical therapy and other treatments fail, surgery may be required.

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Symptoms to Slipped Disc?

  • Pain and numbness, most commonly on one side of the body

  • Pain that expands to your arms and/or legs

  • Pain that gets worse at night

  • Pain that deteriorates after standing/siting

  • Pain after short distance walking

  • Unexplained muscle weakness

  • Tingling, painful, or burning sensations in the affected area

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Diagnosing slipped disc problems

  • Spine MRI or Spine CT

  • Spine X-ray

  • Nerve Conduction Velocity Test

  • Electromyogram (EMG) Test

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Treatment Options for Slipped Disc

There are various treatment options for herniated discs to help relieve symptoms, including surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Nonsurgical Treatment
  • Rest

  • Anti-inflammatory medications

  • Physical therapy

You should keep in mind that most patients who have a slipped disc can recover without any surgical procedure. However, if there is no improvement after a course of conservative treatment, a patient may need to consider surgery.

Most Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgical Treatment Options for Slipped Disc

Discectomy – This involves the surgical removal of part or the entire intervertebral disc that is causing the pain or inflammation.

Microdiscectomy – In this type of procedure, a microscope is used to magnify the surgical process while the disc is being removed.

Nucleoplasty – This is a relatively new and advanced spine surgery for herniated discs. With this procedure, the disc pressure in patients who suffer from discogenic, or disc related, backache is significantly reduced. Neucoplasty is a percutaneous procedure in which a low temperature resistor is used for disintegration of some of the disc material, relieving the intra discal pressure. Because it does not require any incision, the procedure is beneficial for patients who complain of back pain with disc pathology and do not want to undergo full-fledged discectomy.

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