Spine Tumor Surgery

Spinal tumors are abnormal tissue growths that are found in and around the spine.

Most Advanced Minimal Invasive Spine Tumor Surgery at Affordable Cost in India

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Spinal tumors are abnormal tissue growths that are found in and around the spine. Tumors in the spine may begin in the spine (primary) or metastatic i.e. they move to the spine from other locations (secondary). The most common cancers that move from other areas to the spine are lung, breast, prostate and renal cancers. Although they can compress nerves and cause pain, most cancers that move to the spine are not fatal. Compressed nerves can cause weakness or paralysis of the arms or legs. The focus of spine tumor treatment is maintaining quality of life.

Surgeries Available for Treatment of Spinal Tumors

The goal of spine tumor surgery for metastatic cancer is to ensure the minimum surgery necessary is performed to provide patients with the fastest recovery possible. When the cancer is limited only to one part of the spinal column, surgeons, with the hope of potentially curing the cancer, attempt to remove the cancer completely if possible. There are various types of surgeries for spinal tumors:

Percutaneous Spinal Tumor Surgery

Usually, percutaneous spinal tumor surgery involves injection of cement into a fractured vertebra. Through a minimally-invasive technique known as percutaneous curettage, surgeons indirectly scrape the tumor in order to remove it. Percutaneous surgical procedures commonly involve the passage of substances and/or instruments, such as drills, wires, catheters or a needle through the skin without a formal incision. Percutaneous spinal tumor surgery is used if there are no neurological symptoms.

Sterotactic Spine Radiosurgery

This is a one-day outpatient radiation and non-invasive treatment. Unlike in conventional radiation treatment, radiation in very high dosages is delivered to the tumor in one session. However, to ensure that the procedure is performed safely, it is important for the dosage to be specifically focused on the tumor and to ensure that little spill-over radiation occurs, protecting the surrounding normal tissue such as the spinal cord which is located very close to the tumor.

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Recovery and Hospital Stay

Depending on the patient's case, the hospital stay after spine tumor surgery typically ranges from 2 to 14 days. Patients may require a period of post-surgery physical rehabilitation and doctors may recommend getting this physical therapy in a rehabilitation hospital for a period of time. In other cases, an outpatient facility may be recommended or it could take place at the patient's home. Depending on the complexity of the surgery and the patient's overall health, the total recovery time post-surgery may be as short as three months or as long as one year.

Benefit From Spine Tumor Surgery in India

When it comes to medical treatments and surgeries, India is the top destination. The country provides excellent treatment options for a wide range of medical conditions and diseases at affordable rates. Patients can receive world-class treatment performed by highly trained and skilled doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals. Patients can get the treatment they need in state-of-the-art hospitals that use cutting-edge techniques and technology.

India provides patients with spine tumors the best options for treatment. The most advanced surgeries are available, performed by specialists who have the experience to perform the complex surgery and can ensure a successful treatment.

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